Super Sofa

Enjoy the full power of Sofa. No cape required.


All of Sofa's superpowers,
just for you.
Save 25%
Pay once, enjoy forever


All of Sofa's superpowers for everyone on your Family Sharing Plan (up to 5 people).
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Pay once, enjoy forever


for Super

These features require a Super Sofa subscription.

Enhanced Lists

Add a cover image, large title and description, along with more layout options.

Sticky Notes

Simple notes for items in your lists with support for Markdown syntax.

Stats & Filters

More refined controls for filtering and understanding the things you’ve logged to Activity.

The Shelf

Prioritize items in your lists and see them aggregated together.

Enhanced Details

Links to streaming providers, music services, podcast players, and more.

Edit Custom Items

Change the title and cover image for custom items in your lists

All Themes

Access to all current (100+) and future themes.

Future Features

Access to future Super features.


for Everyone

These features are free for everyone.

Lists & Groups

Unlimited lists and groups for categorizing all your stuff.

Shared Lists (BETA)

Share & collaborate on lists with friends & family

iCloud Syncing

Keep your data synced across all your devices.

Basic Activity

A history of what you’ve done with your downtime.

Basic Details

Get the synopsis of a book or release date for a movie.

The Pile

A quick place to save things you’re not prepared to organize.

Easy Search

Sofa will anticipate the type of item you’re searching for based on the contents of your lists.


Link directly to Lists and List items.

Data Management

Import, export, and backup your data.


Access your Sofa data to power some nerdy and fun workflows.

Start Organizing
Your Downtime