Bringing Podcasts to Sofa

I’m excited to announce that you can now save podcasts to Sofa 2.4. This is another step towards making Sofa the place for remembering things to do later.

Why add podcasts?

If you look at the main job that people hire Sofa for, it’s to remember things they want to do later, outside of work. When I have time to relax, how do I want to spend that time? It’s a place where podcasts naturally fit.

If we turned that into a job story, it would look something like this:

When I learn about a podcast I’m interested in but already listen to too many podcasts, I want to save it, so I can remember to listen to it later when I have the time.

How does it work?

It works exactly like movies, tv shows, and books. You search for a podcast and save it to a list. Nice and easy.

This means you now have a dedicated place to save all those awesome podcasts you don’t have time to listen to now.

For podcasts, I am able to do a little something extra that the other content types don’t have yet. I’m able to provide links to the Apple Podcast & Overcast apps. That means, once you’re ready to start listening to a specific podcast, tap a button and open it in that app.

Can I listen to Podcasts in Sofa?

No. It’s designed to save the shows you want to listen to later.

How can I get it?

Glad you asked! Download Sofa in the App Store.

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