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How it Works


Creating lists is how you organize Sofa, and there is no wrong way to do it. Some prefer fewer, generic lists like “Movies” or “Books”. Others prefer many, specific lists like “Classics I Need to See” or “Recommendations from Alli”. However you decide to organize, you can add movies, tv shows and books to any list.


There are moments throughout the day when you may come across something interesting to watch or read. Maybe it was a movie trailer you saw on YouTube, or a co-worker recommended a great book over lunch. Sofa was designed for those moments. Simply open the app and add that movie, tv show or book to a list.


The whole point of creating lists and adding to them is to actually watch or read something. Spending time on yourself is incredibly important for a happy and healthy life. By building up collections of ideas, Sofa becomes a great resource for how you can spend your time. You deserve to treat yourself to time with a great movie, tv show or book.


After you’ve watched or read something, you can mark it as “done”. This removes it from your list and adds it to Activity. Activity is where you can see the progress you’ve made and always have an answer when someone asks, “See or read anything good lately?”.

Better Than A Notes App

There’s a good chance you currently keep a list of things to watch and read in a notes or todo app of some kind. We used to do this too. Notes apps are great for many things, but not for keeping a list of things to watch and read. Sofa was designed to keep the flexible structure and speed of a notes app, while improving on the organization, visuals and information.

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