Sofa 2.7: Adding More To Your Lists

There are an enormous amount of ways that you can spend your downtime. So far, Sofa has been able to help you with a few of those: books, movies & TV, and podcasts. Today we are adding a few more to that list.

Introducing Music Albums and Video Games

You can now add music albums and video games to your lists 👏. As Sofa becomes the dedicated place for organizing your downtime, it’s only natural that music albums and videos games become part of that experience.

How it works

Adding a music album or video game works just like everything else. Tap the “+” button and choose what you want to add. From there you can search for the title of the album or game. For music, you can also search by typing in an artist’s name. It’s a nice bonus that comes for free from the iTunes API.

Accessibility Improvements

It’s important to me that anyone who wants to use Sofa is able to have a great experience. This release brings dynamic type to the app. This means Sofa now respects your font size settings. If you prefer super small type or need extra large type, no problem. The app now adjusts to what you prefer.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to make Sofa a great experience for everyone, but this is a big step forward. If you have advice or feedback on how to improve the experience don’t hesitate to reach out.

Download Sofa

Sofa 2.7 is available in the App Store for free. Update or download it today.

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