Sofa’s 2022 Recap

2022 was Sofa's best year by every metric, but more importantly, the product has reached an important milestone in terms of usefulness.
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Today is a big day. I’ve been wanting to bring some of these features to Sofa since 2017 and I’m so pumped to finally launch them. I’m not going to beat around the bush, Sofa 3.4 is jammed packed with goodies.
Today I’m introducing a new way of leveling up to Super Sofa, a lifetime billing option. A lifetime billing option is exactly what it says on the tin: pay for Super Sofa once and enjoy the full benefits forever.
Sofa 3.3 enables you to make your lists even more personal and fun.
Hey gang, Sofa 3.2.4 has one significant new feature for M1 Mac owners and many more minor improvements and fixes. I hope you all enjoy it!
Having a good idea and vision for how something will play out is one thing. Executing and seeing the results is another. The Sofa Forums launched at the end of 2020, and a year later, it's time to shut them down.
I was lucky enough to participate in Indie App Santa on January 11. It’s a fun daily promotion of indie apps created by François Boulais.
I have little control over how and where people talk about Sofa. I’m perfectly happy, and lucky, for anyone to talk about Sofa in any way, shape, or form.
2020 has been one long shit show. Focusing on the good things in life has been difficult, to say the least. Sofa was a positive outlet for me this year and gave me a place to take a break from everything else going on. I’m thankful I have it.
I recently released version 2.12 of Sofa. That release brought new features, but more importantly, included a major refactoring of the app.
This iOS 14 update is big. I don’t like working on big releases. I prefer small iterations that I can ship out more frequently, but sometimes you need to dig in deep and power through.
I was interviewed for the Creators Campfire podcast the other day and had a great time. We chatted about Sofa, app development, and more.
I recently added the ability for people to save custom items to Sofa. This post outlines the thinking behind the feature and how it works.
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